CountryWhois 2.0

CountryWhois allows you to find the location of an IP address or domain name
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CountryWhois is a lookup application developed by TamoSoft based on their SmartWhois application. The main functionality available in CountryWhois is the ability to identify the country of origin of any IP address or domain. The program is very simple to use - you enter an IP address or a domain name and CountryWhois will give you information about its location, including the name of the country, the continent, and the country code, placing a small nice flag next to the name of the country the address comes from.

As with SmartWhois, you can export the results, and they are processed at great speed. The program is very professional and has excellent features, though it lacks all the functionality available in SmartWhois. You cannot see much more than the country of origin, making the price for this application very high. Since most of the Whois information is restricted, it might possibly be better to have a full Whois-like application that would show you all the available information, and which would most likely be worth around the same amount.

As a program, CountryWhois is a great one - as a commercial package, there might be better options on the market.

Ismael Mireles
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